Losing weight in a rapid way is everyone's dream; it is not easy after all as it requires so much work and time, but when it does happen it is one of the best feelings in the world.

However, with a fast weight loss comes the problem of having leftover skin; this excess skin can give your body a saggy look to it which makes all the hard work you did to obtain a healthy body seem like a waste of time, it's not so don't let that idea haunt your thoughts.

The greater the weight loss, the more difficult it is for the skin to regain its elasticity.

Excess skin also considerably limits clothing choices, and can cause painful skin irritations.

But Aram Clinic has the perfect solution for you, one of the most innovative procedures that we can perform to get rid of unwanted skin is the body lift procedure.

This cosmetic operation is the most efficient way possible to have your healthy looking body back.

How much does a body lift in Turkey costs ?

Afraid you will pay too much for you cosmetic surgery? Well leave that stress behind you because Aram Clinic is here to make your trip to Turkey much easier and smoother.
To make sure, we deliver the best and most relaxing experience for all our patients, we have decided to help you with the payment for your trip to Turkey.
With Aram Clinic you will have the body lift surgery done by our top specialists and for a price that is 70% less than other European countries and the U.K.

Our low price comes from our all-inclusive package that covers :

  • Your hotel room.
  • Your transportation.
  • The operation.
  • The doctor's fees.
  • The cost of post-operative care.

To benefit from it, it's simple, ask for your free estimate

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What is the bod ylift procedure ?

The bod ylift or total circular dermolipectomy is a procedure that helps you to remove excess skin located in the abdomen, lower back and saddlebags.
Meaning that the procedure corrects the slackening of the skin affecting the middle third of the body and restores a harmonious contour to your figure.

Who are the best candidates for circular lipectomy ?

The body lift is indicated for patients who wish to remove excess skin that has formed after significant weight loss, especially after sleeve or bariatric surgery.
It's also intended for people that wish to reshape the middle part of the trunk, whose skin is affected by a congenital or age-related lack of elasticity.

What happens during the body lift surgery ?

The circumferential lifting operation usually lasts 4 to 7 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.
Usually the patient remains hospitalized for at least 2 days.
The surgeon starts the operation by making a circumferential incision, located just above the pubic bone and extending to the flanks.
Then the doctor lifts the abdominal wall skin and fat to expose abdominal wall muscles where they are tightened with sutures to improve the tone of your abdomen.
The excess skin tissue is removed from each side of the trunk, and the remaining skin is re-draped.
The navel is repositioned higher for a better aesthetic result, and the doctor finishes the operation by suturing the incisions and placing pressure bandages around your abdomen and waist.

What happens after the body lift surgery ?

After the operation it's very normal to have a swollen belly and bruises and feel a mild pain, these will fade after a few weeks and the doctor will give you painkillers for the pain.
To facilitate recovery and minimize the risk of complications, it's vert advice that you eat healthy and stay hydrated to improve the healing process, switching to a healthier diet will help the results of the operation remain for a long time.
Wear the compression sheath and compression garments for at least 6 weeks to help your body gain a symmetrical look and make sure you gently massage the scar once the incision is completely closed, this will help to reduce the size of the scar while reducing postoperative swelling.
Apply silicone gel to the operation area to accelerate healing.
Avoid any physically demanding sport or lifting heavy objects for at least 8 weeks before resuming rigorous physical activity.

When will the results of the body lift surgery start to show ?

After the disappearance of the postoperative swelling, you will start to notice the difference between your body before the operation and after it.
Total lipectomy allows a significant improvement in the appearance of the shape of your body, the abdomen is more toned, the folds and rolls located at the level of the hips and lower back disappear.
Hidden by underwear and the natural folds of the skin, body lift scars are not very visible.
To ensure a lasting result, you must maintain a balanced diet and an appropriate physical activity program.
The final results of the body lift surgery will show after 6 months form the day of the operation.

What are the risks of body lift surgery ?

Before undergoing the procedure of body lifting, you will need to know all the aspects of this operation, besides knowing all of the many benefits this procedure can do, you must also know that it has some potential complications.
This is, of course, the case with every cosmetic or medical condition, there is always a potential chance that some complication might happen.
Fear not as our doctors are highly trained in avoiding and dealing with these risks, and after all these potential complications are very rare.

Some of the risks of body lift surgery are :

  • Bleeding (hematoma).
  • Poor wound healing.
  • Fluid accumulation.
  • Recurrent looseness of skin.
  • Pain.
  • Numbness.
  • Infection.

When you meet with your doctor for your preoperation consultation, they will discuss these risks with you and help you understand them.
The doctor will also give you instruction on how to best avoid these risks and how to manage them in the case of them occurring.

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