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Excess fat is one of the biggest problems that today's modern society is facing, this is due to many factors as our modern diet and lifestyles being the biggest factor of them all.

So how can you get rid of excess fat and have a slim and healthy body? Millions of people around the world are asking this question, and many have tried all kinds of solutions, either sports, dieting or herbal teas.

But, the best solution to eliminate fat and have the body you always dreamed of is with Aram Clinic, and that is liposuction in Turkey.

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery operation because the excess fat that bulges on your belly or gives you saddlebags cannot disappear with exercise or diet.

Because liposuction destroys the cell where the fat resides in such a way that this fat is removed from your body permanently.

At Aram Clinic you will be able to undergo this highly successful procedure with the help of our most skilled doctors, and you will be able to have with the lowest price in the market.

How much does liposuction in Turkey cost ?

The perfect harmony between professionalism and affordability is very important in every medical or aesthetic procedure, you need to have one without sacrificing the other.

This is why Aram Clinic has created the all-inclusive package, to help you pay a price that is 70% less compared to other places and have the best care in all of Turkey.

With Aram Clinic you will be able to have the liposuction procedure in Turkey while having costs like the doctor's fees, the postoperative medication, the transportation prices and your hotel room all covered.

This is Aram Clinic's specialty and mission, to deliver the best results with the help of our highly educated and trained medical staff while also offering the most affordable and budget friendly prices.

Your new body is waiting for you, some come to Aram Clinic and enjoy all of our best features to achieve your dream.

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Mega Liposuction cost

When you have excess fat, it can be found in several areas of the body.

To optimize the results of a liposuction operation, it is therefore often necessary to intervene in these different areas.

What do you think about taking advantage of the best prices in Turkey for mega liposuction? With our all-inclusive packages, you can ask the surgeon to remove fat from several areas at the same time, so that the result is as complete as possible.

A full body liposuction starts from £4000 in our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Mega liposuction surgery is a high volume Liposuction which can removing more than 5 liters. It's a solution for women and men. In general, this full-body liposculpture (using conventional surgery or ultrasound) treats all areas of the abdominal belt, including the saddlebags, the back and, for men, the chest area.

How to prepare for a liposuction procedure ?

Like other forms of cosmetic surgery, liposuction does require some form of preparation in order to ensure a smooth procedure.

The first thing to do is have an appointment with your doctor, during this meeting the doctor will see your medical history and instruct you to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin or even some herbal treatments so that they do not pose any potential danger to you during the operation.

You must quit smoking and drinking alcohol for up to two weeks beforehand or as advised.

It's very advised to find someone to help you after you go back home from the surgery, this person will help you with household tasks for the first few days.

Prepare a diet plan with your doctor to help keep you new figure, you will need to switch to a more healthy lifestyle.

What are the key points when having liposuction in Turkey at Aram Clinic ?

Choosing Aram clinic is the best and most financially wise decision you can make and here is why :

  • You are able to choose between several liposuction techniques, either surgical or aesthetic medicine.
  • You can choose to treat one area of your body or several. You can do full liposuction or mega liposuction.
  • The liposuction surgery is performed by a qualified surgeon with more than 10 years of field experience.
  • The treatment of excess fat by an aesthetic medicine device is carried out by a high-end medical tool that delivers ultrasound to treat the intended area.
  • The operation is performed in our luxury clinic. See video of the clinic with one of our patients below.
  • You benefit from prices that are up to 70% cheaper for your liposuction.
  • You can do another operation, a directly associated operation to firm up your figure such as an abdominoplasty or a face or breast operation and have a combo price.
  • Your liposuction stay in Istanbul is organized by the Aram Clinic.

What are the types of Liposuction and how are they performed ?

As aesthetic science advances, new types of liposuction are frequently developed. The type of liposuction used will depend on your individual condition, body and the parts of your body being treated.

Traditional Liposuction.

Liposuction is sometimes called "liposculpture", "lipoplasty" or "suction-assisted lipectomy."
The process begins by infusing a dilute local anesthetic solution, along with epinephrine to shrink the capillaries and limit bleeding and bruising.
This solution is called "tumescent liquid", which is why traditional liposuction can also be called "tumescent liposuction".
The procedure is then carried out by inserting a thin, hollow cannula through a small incision and moving the device back and forth to suction unwanted fat from the treatment area.
This method is very effective in removing large amounts of fat and can be performed as a stand-alone procedure for patients who have retained good skin tone and elasticity.
To help with the loose skin, there are many treatments for that such as abdominoplasty.

Laser assisted liposuction

Laser liposuction or laser lipolysis is done by applying a medical laser beam on the fatty area to liquefy the fat cells in order to facilitate their removal.
The procedure can be performed in addition to tumescent liposuction to better enhance its results.
The laser energy is emitted from a device inserted under the skin, this technique is known as "Smart Lipo".

Radio frequency liposuction.

Radio frequency assisted liposuction is one of the most innovative methods used by doctors for skin tightening in Turkey.
A small device is inserted under the skin and delivers energy through the skin to a receiver outside of it.

Vaser Liposuction or Vaser Lipo.

With this form of liposuction, ultrasound waves are emitted by a specialized machine before the fat is removed.
Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction or Vaser Lipo is particularly useful if scar tissue is present, for example, from previous surgery in the area.
The procedure is also highly efficient for liposuction of the male chest for reduction of the male chest which is called "gynecomastia" surgery.
Ultrasound-assisted liposuction can also be useful as a skin-tightening technique, as the heat produced by ultrasound energy can produce some shrinking of the skin.

Are the results of liposculpture long lasting ?

Liposuction is permanent, in the sense that it permanently eliminates a certain amount of fat. The full results will be visible in about 6 months after the procedure it self, but you will be able to see some results during the first period after the operation. However, the result is only lasting when the patient avoids gaining weight, to keep your new figure you will have to change into a more healthy lifestyle. This means that you will need to change your diet to a more none fattening one, and start exercising if you can.

What are the risks of a liposuction procedure ?

The procedure will guarantee you a must more slim and fit body, however it does come with potential risks that you need to be aware of.
Some of the risks of liposuction are :

  • Pain.
  • Contour irregularities.
  • Lidocaine toxicity.
  • Infection.
  • Numbness.
  • Internal puncture.
  • Fat embolism.

Bear in mind that these risks are very rare, you doctor will give you some methods on how to best avoid these complication and how to deal with them when they do occur.

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