One of the main issues of today's modern world is obesity, and it's no surprise seeing how our diet has become filled with all kinds of harmful ingredients like gluten and sugar.

And obesity is just the start of a very long journey of diseases because it can be the main cause of health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

And it's not just medical problems, obesity can make your body look saggy, heavy and uneven which can lead to many people losing confidence in their appearance, and that can lead to mental problems like body dysmorphia and depression.

So what's the solution? Well, you could argue that training and dieting are good solutions, and they are, but they do not work for everyone and many aren't even able to do them in the first place because physical boundaries. Therefore, you will need an innovative solution, and today Aram Clinic is here to give you just that, we present you with the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey.

Gastric sleeve in Turkey is one of the most modern and safe solutions for extreme obesity and one of the best solutions to lower your consumption of food and change into a more healthy life style. With Aram Clinic you will be able to have the gastric sleeve in Turkey with the help of our best and most talented doctors and at the lowest price in all of Turkey.

How much does sleeve gastronomy cost in Turkey ?

To have the best experience while undergoing a surgery you will need to have the most affordable price so it wouldn't cause you any additional stress, and we at Aram Clinic fully understand that.
This is why we have created our unique all-inclusive package, with this package you will be able to have the gastric sleeve with the lowest price in all of Turkey and even Europe.
This means that by choosing Aram clinic you will undergo the operation while saving 70% on the cost, because with one payment you will be able to have the hotel room in Istanbul at a very luxurious hotel, the transportation from the airport to the hotel and then from there to the clinic, the doctor's payment is also covered and the post-operative care and medication.

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What is the sleeve gastrectomy ?

The gastric sleeve, sleeve gastrectomy or endoscopic sleeve is a bariatric surgery that aims to helping you reduce the amount of food that you consume to help you lose weight and obtain a much healthier lifestyle.
This is done by reducing the size of your stomach about 20% of its initial size if removed. This results in a long, narrow, tube-shaped stomach with a much lower capacity to absorb food making you consume fewer amounts of food.

What are the benefits of gastric sleeve ?

The removed part of the stomach is rich in cells that produce ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite and as a result, you will always have less appetite.
The sleeve can also lead to an improvement in the balance of intestinal bacteria specifically the intestinal microbiome, intestinal hormones and bile acid concentrations.
These beneficial effects ensure long-lasting and healthy weight loss and can help you change into a much healthier life style.

Who are the best candidates to have a gastric sleeve ?

To insure that your gastric sleeve operation goes smoothly, without any complications and to insure the results that you dream of, you must meet some criteria to be fully eligible to have the gastric sleeve operation.

Some of the requirements to have gastric sleeve are :

  • A body mass index greater than 40
  • A BMI of between 35 and 40
  • People that have obesity related diseases like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Too much weight to support other weight loss surgeries like gastric banding.
  • Not being able to lose weight with traditional methods such as training or dieting.

How to prepare for a gastric sleeve operation ?

Before the surgery you will have to meet with your doctor, during this appointment the doctor will :

  • Measure your weight.
  • See if you have any diseases related to obesity.
  • Run some blood tests.
  • Look into your medical history.
  • Alter the dosage of your medication if you are taking any or order you to stop taking them if they pose a threat to the operation.
  • Know your goals from the operation.
  • Prepare an after surgery plan with you.

It's also advised that you start to adapt healthier eating habits before the operation such as eating less food and more healthy food, this is so that you can be prepared for the after surgery eating habits and to enhance the results of the operation even more.
Stop smoking and drinking alcohol for a period of time before the operation as they can cause infections and many other potential complications either during or after the operation.
If you feel like you need to, seek out some psychological help, talking to a therapist will help you in reflecting on the coming physical changes that you will face.

How the gastric sleeve surgery performed ?

The procedure takes about two hours to be completed and will be performed under general anesthesia.
To make sure that there aren't any large scaring the doctor will use the laparoscopy technique, meaning that they will make several small incisions in the upper part of your abdomen.
The surgeon will look inside the stomach using the camera attached to the endoscope and will begin the operation by removing a part if your stomach.
About 75% of the stomach is removed, leaving a narrow, sleeve-like gastric pouch or tube, the remaining part of the stomach is closed with surgical staples.
Once the procedure is complete, all instruments are removed and the incisions are stitched up.

What happens after the gastric sleeve operation ?

During the first period of your recovery, you will need to follow a specific eating plan and diet so that you won't harm your new stomach and enhance the results even more, your doctor or dietitian would have already prepared a plan for you prior to the operation.
You will start with a liquid diet, then work your way up to soft and pureed foods and finely after a period of 7 to 8 weeks you will able to go back to normal solid food.
Thanks to the gastric sleeve operation your consumption of food will be significantly lower, you will feel full after only a few portions of food.
However, you will also need to consume healthier food to help you lose more weight and reach your physical goal.
Having a diet that focuses on the essential vitamins and minerals is highly important after the gastric sleeve operation.
After your healing is done, you should start exercising, running is one of the best ways to rapidly lose weight in a natural and healthy way, we also recommend swimming and cycling.
Make sure to always keep up with your postoperative appointments as they are highly important so that the doctor can see your progress, assess the result of the operation and guide you so that no complications occur.

What are the results of gastric sleeve ?

The gastric sleeve leads to healthy and lasting weight loss. Even though the size of the stomach is reduced, your digestion process is not disturbed, this means that all nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and proteins, will continue to be absorbed normally in the small intestine.
Thanks to the reduced size of the stomach, you will be able to consume much less amounts of food than you did prior to the operation.
It's highly recommended by dieticians that patients who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy eat between 4 and 6 small meals a day, this eating routine makes it possible to avoid large variations in insulin levels and to obtain a more regular caloric intake as part of a healthy diet.

What are the risks of gastric sleeve ?

Th operation of sleeve gastronomy in Turkey is very efficient and with a high success and satisfaction rates.
But with every cosmetic or medical procedure comes a small chance of potential complications.
You will need to know these risks to be prepared for them, your doctor will inform you about them and also will inform you of the different methods and ways to stay away from them.

Some of the risks of gastric sleeve are :

  • Bleeding.
  • Blood clots.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Infection.
  • Leaks from the cut edge of the stomach.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Vomiting.

In case you have any intence complications, call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital for assistance.

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