With old age, many of our body parts and organs start to lose their capability of doing their job properly, and one of the most potentially damaged senses is our sight.

Having a weak eye sight can create a big problem for many people; many aren't able to do their job, do their daily life and can't even enjoy their hobbies anymore.

And wearing glasses is not everyone's favorite thing to do, many people do not want to put them on because they can bother them, so what's the solution ?

Aram Clinic is always at your service with the most modern and innovative solutions for all of your needs, and for the problem of weak eye sight we present the best solution which is the LASIK eye surgery in Turkey.

Our highly educated and skillful medical team will work day and night for your satisfaction at our clinic in Istanbul, so when you decide on having LASIK surgery in Turkey you will be making the best decision by choosing Aram Clinic.

We combine affordability and professionalism to create the best and most relaxing experience for you.

How much does LASIK operation in Turkey cost ?

Aram Clinic provides you with the best care and the lowest price in all of Turkey, when you choose us you will save 70% on the cost of your LASIK operation compared to other places.
Turkey is one of the most famous comatic destinations in the world; the country is filled with cosmetic clinics that perform hundreds of thousands of aesthetic surgeries every year.
Among all of them, Aram Clinic shines brightly with our attention to details and our mission to provide the best and most relaxing experience when having your cosmetic surgery in Turkey.
This is why we have created our all-inclusive package that will help you save 70% on the price of having your cosmetic surgery.

Our all-inclusive package contains :

  • Your hotel room in Turkey.
  • The transportation.
  • The costs of the operation (doctor's fees, postoperative care, access to the operations room).

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What is LASIK surgery ?

LASIK is the name given to the medical procedure that aims to surgically adjust the focusing power of the eye in order to reduce your dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

The femto-LASIK laser can treat many medical problems such as :

  • Myopia.
  • Presbyopia.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Hyperopia.

The procedure can cure all of these problems and the results are ever lasting.

How to prepare for the laser vision correction procedure ?

Before undergoing LASIK surgery you will first have to meet with your doctor.

During this visit the doctor will :

  • Examine your eyes to make sure they are healthy.
  • perform a glaucoma screening.
  • Do a retinal examination to your eyes.
  • Dry eye assessment.
  • Measure the curvature of your cornea and pupils.

To make sure that all of the measurements are correct, the doctor will study corneal topography, to make sure you don't have irregular astigmatism or keratoconus (conical cornea).
They will also measure the thickness of your cornea, to make sure you will have enough corneal tissue left after corneal reshaping.

What happens during LASIK eye surgery ?

LASIK is an outpatient surgery meaning that you will be going back home on the same day as the procedure.
The only anesthetic that the doctor will use is eye drops that numbs the surface of the eye and the duration is very short, about 10 to 15 minutes for each eye.
Both eyes can be operated during the same session, however sometimes the surgeon can wait for a few days to see the result on one eye before operating on the other.

The procedure starts by placing a suction ring in place to properly position the cornea and prevent the eye from moving.
After that the doctor will use a special device called "the femto-second laser" to cut out an articulated flap of corneal tissue in the shape of a hood.
This flap of epithelium is lifted to reveal the stroma which is the thick and the inner layer of the cornea.

The Excimer laser reshapes the surface of the cornea according to the type of correction desired.
The surgeon finishes the procedure by replacing the flap, which quickly adheres to the eyeball.

What happens after LASIK surgery ?

Although the healing period is relatively quick, it's very advised that you take a few days off after laser eye correction to help your eyes rest even more.

You will feel a slight burning and tearing for a few hours after the operation, fear not as the doctor will prescribe a painkiller to relieve any discomfort, but you should not rub your eyes for at least 24 hours.

You will have slightly blurred vision the day of the operation, but it will improve considerably by the next day.

Do not drive until your vision is fully restored and you should also avoid swimming for two weeks after the operation.

Wear sunglasses during the first postoperative week and try to stay away from the direct sunlight and bright lights as much as possible during this period.

In general, it takes about three months for the eye to heal properly after LASIK eye surgery.

What are the risks of LASIK surgery ?

LASIK is one of the best and safest option to regain your clear eye sight, however, each and every cosmetic or medical treatment has some potential risks to it.
The risks of LASIK surgery are very rare and mild, your doctor will discuss them more with you so you would have a better understanding about them.
The doctor will also give you instructions to prevent these potential complications for happening.

Some of the risks of LASIK surgery are :

  • Dry eyes.
  • Double vision.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Vision loss or changes.
  • Flap problems.

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