It's not always a goof thing when a woman has large breasts, it's true that it is one of the parts that do make a woman appear more feminine and sexy, but it can also cause many problems for her.
For some women, having large breasts means a daily struggle and it can come in many forms such as :

  • Back and neck pain.
  • Posture problems.
  • Difficulty exercising.
  • Chafing.
  • Difficulty finding proper clothing.

These may start as small irritations but can develop into actual problems that can affect your health and overall lifestyle negatively.
But to combat this problem with the best and modern way possible Aram Clinic has offered the breast reduction surgery in Turkey for all women that are interested in reshaping and reducing the size of their breast.
You will be taken care of by our highly professional medical team, and with Aram Clinic we will make sure that you have the most relaxing experience and with the most affordable price.

How much does a breast reduction in Turkey cost ?

Many women suffer from back pain and many other physical problems due to their large breast, and many of them are not able to undergo the breast reduction operation due to it being a bit pricy.
Well not any more, because Aram Clinic is here to change that, we have created the best and lowest prices for you so you can have the cosmetic surgery that you want without worrying about the cost.
We understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin and having a body that you feel proud of, which is why we offer the breast reduction operation in Turkey with our all-inclusive package.
Our all-inclusive package covers all costs relating to the operation such as the cost of the hotel room, the transportation from your airport to the hotel and then to the clinic, the doctor's fees and the cost of the post-operative medication.
With the all-inclusive package you will also have access to our highly advanced operations room and will have your breast reduction operation in Turkey with the help of our best doctors.

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What is breast reduction surgery ?

Breast reduction surgery is the cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to reduce the volume and size of a breast that is too large in relation to the patient's figure.
The operation also corrects breast ptosis and any asymmetry of the breasts.
The operation involves removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts and after the overall cup size is reduced, patients feel better when the feeling of heaviness and all the pain associated with it subsides and they find breasts that are more lifted, more shapely and more harmonious.

What happens during the breast reduction operation ?

The procedure is done under general anesthesia and takes about one to two hours to be done, it's also possible that you have to spend at least one night in the clinic to rest and be monitored by the medical staff First, the surgeon makes incisions around the areola that extend in a straight line to the bottom of the breast.
If you have significant breast enlargement or breast ptosis, the doctor makes an additional incision in the breast fold.
Once these incisions are made, the doctor removes excess fat and glandular tissue, then tightens the skin by placing the nipple and areola in a higher position and reshaping the breast around them.
The surgeon can also correct the asymmetry of the breasts if necessary and in case the breasts are sagging, the doctor performs a breast lift for a more rejuvenated and harmonious chest.

What happens after breast reduction operation ?

After breast reduction surgery, you might feel a slight pain and notice some redness, this will go away in about a week and the pain is easily manageable using painkillers.
You should avoid strenuous activities, especially those that involve the upper body, for the first few weeks and also should wear a special bra to help support your breasts throughout the healing process.
Return to work is possible after about 10 days, but if you feel like you need longer time to heal then you should take more time off work.
Make sure you visit your doctor after the operation for your check up appointments, this is so that the doctor can monitor the progress of your healing, see the results of the procedure and help you if you have any complications.

What are the results of the breast reduction operation ?

You are able to see the preliminary results immediately after surgery.
These results will gradually improve over time until the breasts become softer, firmer and look natural.
The final results will manifest after a period of 10 months or a year; you will get rid of the excessive weight of large breasts and be relieved of pain and physical limitations experienced before surgery.

Are the results of breast reduction surgery long lasting ?

The results of breast reduction surgery will be long lasting and the size of your breasts can remain the same as you wanted it.
However, there are some cases where this can change, for example pregnancy and significant weight changes cause stretching of the skin which is likely to alter the size and appearance of your breasts over time.
Thus, in order to preserve the results of the procedure, you must avoid getting pregnant and switch to a more healthy diet so that you can keep your weight in check.
It is important to know that this surgery cannot stop the effects of aging which eventually change the size and shape of the breasts.

What are the risks of breast reduction operation ?

Being the best solution for the problems of back pain and posture does not make breast reduction operation 100% perfect, you must keep in mind that each and every cosmetic or medical operation comes with some potential risks.
The risks of breast reduction are very rare and mild, but you must know them so you can have a better idea on how to avoid them.
Your doctor will be guiding you every step of the way during and after your operation, they will instruct you on how to stay safe and best manage these potential complications.
Some of the risks of breast reduction procedure are :

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Bruising.
  • Scaring.
  • Bad reaction to the anesthesia.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Potential uneven breasts.

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