Are you suffering from a lack of hair especially on your head and eyebrows? Do you want to have a natural looking hair and eyebrows, if that is your desire then Aram Clinic is here to deliver that to you.

For people whose eyebrows are thin or missing due to hair loss or due to a medical condition or excessive waxing, a hair transplant is a permanent, natural-looking solution.

Aram Clinic offers all our patients the eyebrow transplant operation in Turkey, depending on your needs, eyebrow implantation can reshape or recreate your eyebrows.

When done right, eyebrow hair transplants can be surprisingly successful and look perfectly natural for both men and women. And with Aram Clinic you can enjoy our all-inclusive package so that you can save 70% on the cost of your eyebrow transplant in Turkey.

How much does an eye brown transplant in Turkey costs ?

Hair treatment is the most common aesthetic practice in all of Turkey; hundreds of thousands of operation are done each and every year in several highly advanced clinics and medical facilities.
When it comes to delivering the best results at the most affordable prices Aram Clinic shines among all other aesthetic clinics, because this is our specialty.
With our all-inclusive package you will be able to have the eyebrows transplant in Turkey for a price that is 70% less compared to other countries in Europe, America and Canada.
This is because our all-inclusive package covers :

  • A room at a very luxurious hotel.
  • Your medical transportation during your time in Turkey.
  • Access to post-operative resting room at our clinic.
  • The doctor's fees.
  • The price of the medication after the operation.

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What is an eyebrow transplant ?

The eyebrow transplant, sometimes called eyebrow implantation, is a hair treatment procedure that aims to improving the shape and fullness of your eyebrows by transferring hair follicles from another area of your body, usually the back of your scalp to the receiving area which is above your eyes.
The eyebrow transplant allows you to redraw your eyebrow arches and improve the aesthetics of your eyes.

What are the advantages of an eyebrow transplantation ?

The eyebrow transplant operation has many aesthetic and even medical advantages, one of which is that the procedure creates full brows, in a flattering brow shape designed for your face.

It can also help to hide an eyebrow scar or correct an asymmetry and because eyebrows are created with your own hair, the results will look more natural than micro brushes or makeup.

It is a permanent solution, provided the donor hair follicles are healthy, and it ill help you enhance all of your facial features and give you more expression.

What happens during an eyebrow transplantation operation ?

The procedure takes three to four hours and is done under local anesthesia, the anesthesia will be injected in the area of the eyebrows and the puncture site, which should not be painful.

There is only one technique for implanting hair follicles into the eyebrow, but there are two techniques for harvesting hair from the donor area which are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation ( WAS).

The main difference between the two methods is how the hair is harvested and how the donor site on the back of your head is prepared.

The FUE harvesting procedure involves removing individual follicular units one by one, usually from the back of your head.

The donor area will need to be shaved to 1/16 inch so that each hair fits into the small cylindrical punch which is about 0.8mm to 1mm in size, this device will be used to extract them.

FUE incisions are circular and are well concealed even with a short haircut, however if you ever shave the back of your head after the procedure, you will see hundreds of round whiteheads.

With the FUT harvest, the doctor makes a horizontal incision to remove a strip of hair from the back of your scalp, this incision is then stitched up, you will have minor incisions that can be hid with your hair.

Individual follicular units are then carefully removed from the strip under a microscope and with extreme accuracy to be transplanted.

An eyebrow hair transplant usually involves the placement of more than 50 to 350 hairs per eyebrow; the exact number depends on the amount of existing hairs and how you want your new eyebrows to look.

Each hair is individually transplanted into a tiny angled incision, in the right direction to mimic your natural eyebrow hairs.

How to take care after having an eyebrow transplant procedure ?

After the procedure you must take good care of your new hair so you won't cause any damage to it, during the first week you should avoid washing your hair or using products on your face.

You should be able to return to work one to two days after your procedure.

Your scalp will be sensitive for a few days after the operation, and your doctor may have you wear a bandage during this time.

Your doctor will prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatories to relieve tenderness and swelling in your scalp.

Follow the specific aftercare instructions provided by your doctor and make sure you always go to your follow-up appointments.

Bruising is common and can take a week or more to heal, your eyebrows crust over, but resist the urge to damage them.

The scabs will loosen and fall off on their own in 7-10 days.

After 6 months from the operation, you will be able to see new hair growing and withing 12 months the full results of the eyebrow transplant operation will be visible.

What are the risks of having an eyebrow transplant operation ?

When it comes to hair treatment Turkey is basically the number one country in the whole world, however even being the best does not mean total perfection. The eyebrow transplant operation is highly efficient but like any other aesthetic procedure it comes with some minor risks. The doctor will discuss these risks more with you when you meet them so you could have a better understanding about the operation and how to best manage these risks in case they happen. Some of the potential complication of eyebrow transplant are:

  • Possible vision problems.
  • Scarring.
  • Pain.
  • Swelling.
  • Infection.
  • Bruising.
  • Loss of feeling or some hair follicles at the surgical site.

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