The face is our most noticeable feature when it comes tp physical beauty, it's the part of the body that is always showing and it's where people look when they interact with us.

So it's very understandable that almost all people care very deeply on how their faces are shaped and overall look and wanting them to be as perfect as possible.

But due to either a significant weight loss, trauma, or simply by natural constitution, certain areas may appear empty and lacking a roundness that gives your face it's natural freshness and beauty.

Aram Clinic has the perfect solution for that, we offer the facial lipofilling in Turkey for all our patients that are interested in restoring their natural facial beauty back.

The facial lipofilling procedure in Turkey will be done with the help of our best and most skilled doctor and medical team to assure you the best results, and with Aram Clinic you don't need to worry about the price as our mission is to offer the most affordable price possible.

How much does facila lipofilling in Turkey cost ?

If you are looking for the best combination between total professionalism and affordability then look no further, Aram Clinic is here to deliver that and more.
Our cutting-edge clinic and highly skilled medical team allow us to perform all types of cosmetic surgeries and with total and absolute professionalism, we always guarantee you the best results possible.
Aram Clinic also shines amongst other clinics when it comes the prices of its aesthetic surgeries, this is because our top priority is the comfortability of our patients, this is why we have created the all-inclusive package.
Our all-inclusive package allows you to undergo the facial lipofilling in Turkey and any other cosmetic surgery without worrying about the costs of transportation, the doctor's fees, the hotel room or the postoperative medication, because they are all covered with our all-inclusive package.
With Aram Clinic you will be able to save up to 70% on the costs of your cosmetic surgery.

What is face lipofilling ?

Facial lipofilling is a none surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to replace damaged fat cells and lost fat in different areas of your face, by extracting fat from other parts of your body (doner area) and then re-injecting it and distributing it in the required areas.
This will help restore the volume and shape of your face; the procedure is highly safe as the fat that has been extracted is processed and cleaned in a lab before injecting it back in the specific areas.

What areas of the face that are operated on during a facial lipofilling ?

The Face Lipofilling technique fills in wrinkles and increases the tone and elasticity of the face.
There are specific areas in the face where this technique is most practiced like :

  • The forehead.
  • The cheekbones.
  • The chin.
  • The lips.
  • the nose.

The fat needed for lipofilling is usually taken from the abdominal area, thighs or knees.

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How to prepare for a facial fat transfer ?

Before undergoing the procedure of transferring fat to the face, there are some steps that you need to take to be well prepared for it.
The first thing that you need to do is visit your doctor and discuss the procedure, meaning you will need to explain to your doctor your goals and wanted results from the operation.
During this visit you will need to do some tests to determine your eligibility to the operation, make sure to tell your doctor about any medication that you are taking so no complications happen during the operation it self.
The doctor will also take 3D pictures of your face to show you how your face would look after the operation and determine where exactly are the areas that need to be operated on.
You should stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before the time of the operation, it is a highly harmful habit that can negatively effect your cardiovascular and respiratory systems which can lead to a slowdown in your circulation, this can create some very bad complications either during or after the procedure.
The procedure will be done under general anesthesia, which means that you will have to fast for 8 hours before undergoing it.

What happens during the facial lipofilling procedure ?

The procedure is very simple and does not take too much time, and usually you can go home on the same day. Facial lipofilling is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. The fat that will be used to perform the operation is taken from your own body using fine cannulas in hidden areas such as the inner side of the knee, the curvature of the buttocks or the hips. After the fat is obtained, it is immediately centrifuged and purified, ready to be infiltrated again with a special syringe on the predetermined area, causing the desired filling effect. It is possible to inject only small amounts of adipose fat, so that lipofilling is performed on small areas on which it is possible to make simple adjustments.

What happens after facial lipofilling ?

You can expect bruising and swelling in the face after the operation, there will also be some minor pain in which the doctor will be giving you painkillers to manage it.
During the first days you should have someone to help you around the house and to do your daily duties, and after 2 weeks the swelling will be gone and you are able to get back out in public.
During the first period of your healing, you should avoid having make-up on your face as it can cause some complications and can even lead to minor infection.
You should stay away from physical sports and swimming.
After 6 weeks the swelling will be all gone and the results of the facial lipofilling will be very visible.

What are the risks of facial lipofilling ?

Any medical or cosmetic surgery comes with some potential risks and complications, and facial lipofilling is no different.
These risks are very rare, but you need to know them to have a better understanding of the operation.
Some of the risks of facial lipofilling are :

  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Temporary numbness.
  • Small scars.
  • Haematoma.
  • Death of fat tissue fat necrosis.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Developing a blood clot in a vein.
  • Infection.

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