In many cultures around virginity and having, an undamaged hymen are a sign of a woman's purity, and having it broken is considered both socially and religiously unacceptable.
The loss of virginity while being celibate can cause social stigma, ostracism, or overwhelming feelings of shame.
This can be highly dangerous for many women as many families and societies view it as something unimaginable.

But not to worry because restoring your virginity is possible thanks to a surgical operation called hymenoplasty.
And Aram Clinic is here today to offer you this innovative and modern treatment at the best price and with the utmost secrecy and privacy, your medical file will only be seen by your doctor.
The woman who does this operation can regain her virginity because her hymen is reconstructed.
In Turkey, hymen reconstruction surgery or hymenoplasty is performed by a doctor who specializes in intimate surgical operations. We guarantee you :

  • Safety.
  • Affordability.
  • Professionalism.
  • The best results.
  • Privacy.

How much does hymenoplasty in Turkey cost ?

At Aram Clinic we know how expensive cosmetic and medical procedures can get, especially the intimate operations, this is why we have made it our mission to deliver the most professionalism and efficiency while also keeping our prices budget friendly.
Affordability is one of our base pillars that we have built our reputation for being one of the best cosmetic clinics in all of Turkey, it is because of our all-inclusive package that allows you to have the hymenoplasty operation in Turkey for a price that is 70% less than other countries.
What is included in our all-inclusive package? :

  • The fees of the surgeon or gynecologist who will perform your hymenoplasty.
  • Anesthesiologist fees. Whatever the technique used to redo the hymen, anesthesia will be necessary (local or general, depending on the patient's choice).
  • The stay at the Aram Clinic in Istanbul.
  • Accompaniment of the patient before and after her virginity operation in Turkey.
  • All operation related transportation during your stay in Istanbul.
  • The postoperative medication.
  • A room at a hig-end hotel.

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What is hymenoplasty ?

The hymen is a thin, ring-shaped membrane found in the lower third of the vagina.

During the first sexual intercourse, the hymen may partially tear and bleed, in addition, the rupture of the hymen can occur accidentally, in particular following certain rigorous sports activities, a fall or the insertion of a tampon.

Hymenoplasty is an operation to reconstruct the hymen in such a way as to restore the possibility of bleeding that occurs in women during the first sexual intercourse.

Who is hymenoplasty for ?

Hymen Restoration Surgery is for women who wish to regain their virginity, primarily for cultural, religious, social or ethnic reasons.

In most cases, the patient loses her virginity during sexual intercourse and wishes to restore it before marriage.

In other cases, the patient has a ruptured hymen due to non-sexual activities, but again, due to religious norms and social pressure, she finds it imperative to repair the hymen and regain her virginity.

To be eligible for virginity surgery, the patient must be in good health and at least 18 years old.

If she suffers from genital cancer or venereal disease, she will not be eligible for hymenoplasty.

A gynecological examination is also necessary to determine if the hymen can be restored.

How to prepare for hymenoplasty ?

The hymenoplasty procedure takes place on an outpatient and under local anesthesia and takes one to two hours.

The doctor gently removes all traces of broken skin on the edges of the hymen, as for the remaining fabrics; they are sewn together, leaving a small opening at the entrance to the vagina, the hymen ring thus finds a normal size and shape.

If there is not enough skin to restore the hymen, the surgeon can take tissues from the vaginal mucosa.

Thanks to absorbable sutures, he will recreate a membrane that will serve as a hymen.

What happens during the virginity restoration surgery ?

Effectuée dans la meilleure clinique gynécologique de Turquie, l'hyménoplastie se déroule en ambulatoire et sous anesthésie locale.

Le praticien enlève délicatement toute trace de peau rompue sur les bords de l'hymen. Les tissus restants sont cousus ensemble, laissant une petite ouverture à l’entrée du vagin. L'anneau de l’hymen retrouve ainsi une taille et une forme normales.

S'il n'y a pas assez de peau pour restaurer l'hymen, le chirurgien peut prélever des tissus provenant de la muqueuse vaginale. Grace aux sutures résorbables, il va ainsi recréer une membrane qui fera office d’hymen.

What happens after hymenoplasty surgery ?

Hymenoplasty is not an invasive procedure, however you will feel a slight discomfort during walking, it's normal to also have mild bruises and swelling in the lips of the vagina for a few days, the doctor will give you painkillers to manage the pain.

You will need to avoid physically demanding activities like lifting heavy weights or running too fast, and you should stop training if you are, your body will need some time in order for it to heal properly.

After hymenoplasty it is very advised to seek out some phycological help, after all, mental health is very important and you might like to share either your trauma or your story with someone that will not judge but instead offer help and guidance.

What are the risks of hymenoplasty?

The surgery is highly safe and will be done with the help of our top specialist, we will offer you complete privacy.
But even though the surgery is highly efficient, it sill carries some risks to it just like any other medical procedure.
These are some of the hymenoplasty surgery risks :

  • Bleeding.
  • Difficulties in the sexual life.
  • Narrowing of the introitus.
  • Infection.
  • Acute bleeding during the procedure.
  • Increased pain sensation.

The doctor will go into much more details about the procedure when you meet with them, the doctor will give you methods to help you stay away from those risks and ways to deal with them in the case they happen.
If you ever feel any, sever discomfort, call your doctor or go to the hospital.

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