Having aligned teeth is not the only indication that the look of your mouth is symmetrical or aesthetically pleasing, to have the perfect look all parts and aspects of your mouth need to look flawless, that includes, your teeth, gum and lips.

The gum is the most sensitive part of your mouth; it's what holds your teeth and jaw bone together to cover them.

But it being very fragile means that it's easy to get gum disease, have an uneven gum line or overly exposed gums that make your smile less attractive.

This can be highly problematic for so many people mainly because it looks unnatural to them, and it can cause you to lose so much confidence in your physical beauty.

But no worries, as always Aram Clinic is here to give you the best solutions for all of your cosmetic problems, and when it comes to gum problems we invite you to come and have the gingivectomy procedure in Turkey.

Gingivectomy in Turkey allows you to reshape your gums so that you regain a beautiful smile, the procedure will be done with the help of our best dentists and at the lowest price in all of Turkey.

How much does gingivectomy in Turkey cost ?

You want the best price and the best care with a complete guarantee that you will have the results that you want? Well in that case, Aram Clinic is your best choice.
We have made sure to collect the best and most talented cosmetic doctors, surgeons and dentists just for you so you could have the most relaxing experience with us.
And because your satisfaction is our top priority, we have created our very special all-inclusive package that will help you lower the cost of your procedure by 70% compared to other places in Turkey and outside of it.
This is because when you choose Aram Clinic to have your gingivectomy in Turkey you will have all of these costs covered :

  • The hotel room.
  • The transportation.
  • The post-operative medication.
  • The doctor's payment.

This is why so many people come from all over the world to have their aesthetic and plastic surgeries at Aram Clinic in Turkey.
We provide the perfect combination between affordability and professionalism and we guarantee you the results of your dreams.

To benefit from it, it's simple, ask for your free estimate

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What is gingivectomy ?

Gingivectomy is a dental surgery procedure that treats the gums, this procedure is done by removing excess gum tissue from the teeth and gums for healthy-looking gums and to improve your smile.

Who are the best candidates for gingivectomy ?

It's always best to meet the criteria needed for your cosmetic surgery of choice to better insure the best results, and gingivectomy is no different.

Usually, the best candidates for gingivectomy are those who :

  • Suffer from gum disease such as periodontitis.
  • Have excess gum tissue that they wish to remove for cosmetic purposes.
  • Their gum makes smiling and eating seem harder.

What is the difference between gingivectomy and gingivoplasty ?

Gingivectomy is a procedure in which the dentist removes the gums either to prevent the spread of gum disease or for cosmetic reasons. Gingivoplasty is a procedure in which the dentist simply shapes the uneven gums without removing any gum tissue; the purpose of this procedure is to prevent cavities but above all to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile. Both procedures can be performed separately or combined for a radiant, natural-looking smile.

What happens during the gingivectomy procedure ?

Gingivectomy is a fairly simple procedure, the duration of the procedure depends on your condition and the amount of gum tissue that you will be removing, but in general it won't exceed an hour.
Before the procedure, the dentist removes bacteria and tartar below the gum line, after that they will apply local anesthesia so that the operation begins.
The dentist removes the excess gum tissue using a scalpel, then, they re-attach the remaining gums in and around the teeth with stitches.
Some dentists use laser gingivectomy for a less invasive treatment because it minimized bleeding and has a faster healing time.
At the end of the procedure, as the treated area is extremely sensitive, the dentist applies a protective gel and places a periodontal dressing to protect it during healing.

How will the recovery after gingivectomy go ?

After the procedure, it's very normal to feel some swelling and mild pain, the discomfort can be handled with the painkillers that your doctor will prescribe.
You will also notice some bleeding in your gum, this means that the bandages should then be replaced often to facilitate the healing process.
The patient may also experience jaw pain for the first few days, so it's advised that you eat soft or pureed foods.
You should also rinse your mouth with salt water from time to time as this acts as a natural mouthwash that kills all the bacteria.
Using a cold compresses to reduce swelling and pain and avoiding brushing your teeth near the treated area are also essential for you to have a good healing period.
It can take 3 weeks for the gums to return to its normal appearance and up to 3 months for them to heal completely.
In order to preserve the result of the gingivectomy and prevent gum disease, you must practice good oral hygiene, this means that you must eat healthy foods, brush and floss your teeth daily and make regular visits to the dentist.

What are the risks of gingivectomy ?

The procedure is highly effective and has a high success rate, however, much like any other cosmetic or medical procedure gingivectomy has some potential risks and complications that you need to be aware of.

Some of the risks of gingivectomy are :

  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Gum disease.
  • Pain.
  • Loosen teeth.

Your doctor will give your pointers and instruct you on how to best avoid these risks.

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