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Keratopigmentation in Turkey

A safe and reliable method for changing eye colour with experienced eye surgeons in Istanbul

Is it possible to change eye colour? ?

The eyes are the windows to the soul; they are how you see the world and also the first thing that people look at when they meet you.

Many people wish they could change the color of their eye into something that reflects their personality more and better enhances the rest of their features.

Many turn to colored contact lense, but those are not highly effective in giving you a natural look and most of them can even harm your eyes and your sight.

This is why Aram Clinic is presenting the eye color change operation in Turkey.

This modern procedure is carried out by out top ophthalmic surgeons who choose the technique according to your initial eye color the one you wish to obtain.

With Aram Clinic you will have the best care and with the lowest price in all of Turkey.

How much does an eye color change in Turkey costs ?

In Turkey, the price of keratopigmentation starts from 3000 €. The cost to change the color of your eyes in Britain starts at £ 12.000 . From your home in Great Britain, Ireland, or Canada, you can get a free consultation for a reliable and safe method to change the color of your eyes in Istanbul.

All inclusive package eye color change surgery in Turkey ?

During your medical stay in Istanbul, Aram Clinic offers you an all-inclusive medical stay that includes :

  • Medical services.
  • Accommodation in a luxury hotel.
  • The assistance of a medical agent throughout your stay.
  • Post operative care and medication.
  • All operation related transportation.
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What is an eye color change surgery ?

The eye color change surgery, also known as keratopigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that is done in Turkey for the purpose of changing the color of your eyes as the name suggest.
This procedure also has many medical benefits as it has been proven to help people that suffer from conditions such as :

  • Corneal opacity disease.
  • Glare and loss of the iris of the eye.
  • Atrophy.

This procedure has started as a treatment of the eyes, but with the continued development of modern science , it has evolved into also becoming a cosmetic surgery to help you change the color of your eyes into any color that you want.

keratopigmentation does not include any surgical procedure, so you don't have to worry about any bleeding or incisions in your eye, the procedure uses a highly advanced laser to treat your eyes in a very gentle way.

What happens during the eye color change procedure ?

There are three main techniques that can change the color of the eyes are :

  • Keratopigmentation.
  • Laser depigmentation.
  • The fitting of prostheses.

Keratopigmentation :

It's also called Corneal Tattooing, this procedure involves injecting or tattooing pigmentation into the cornea, this then created many variations of the color of your eyes.
Keratopigmentation is originally used for medical reasons to treat corneal opacity caused by leucoma or keratitis.

Laser depigmentation :

This technique involves using a laser beam to remove pigment from the iris surface, this is done so that the doctor can reveal the blue and green colors lying underneath your melanin.
With this technique, the color of your eyes will change permanently, but it can take several treatments to achieve the desired effect.

The fitting of prostheses :

This procedure aims to inserting a prosthetic iris into the eye to change it's color.
Such as the case with keratopigmentation, this procedure was first used to treat medical problems such as iris defects.

What happens after the eye color changing procedure ?

The duration of your healing period will vary depending on the the of technique that the doctor has chose for you, however it does not take a long period of time to heal from the eye color changing procedure.
You may experience post-operative irritation, a probable burning sensation or tingling for a few days, these sensations are transient and the patient's sight is not impaired.
It is also advisable to stay away from heat, steam and dust, and also, avoid exposing yourself to the sun and wind.
Make sure you visit your doctor so that they can check your eyes, see the development of the results and advise you on how to stay away from potential complications.

What are the result of the eye color change procedure ?

The result is a consistent change in iris color, the degree of change depends on the original color, the new one and the technique used.
But generally you will end up with the color you have chosen for your eyes, the procedure is premiant and we guarantee you full satisfaction.

What are the risks of the eye color changing procedure ?

At Aram Clinic you will be treated with the help of our best and most skilled specialist doctor and will be taken care of by our medical team.
The operation is very safe and with a high success and satisfaction rate from all of our patients that have done it before.
However, each and all cosmetic or medical operations, procedures and techniques carry with them some risk factor and the eye color changing procedure is no different.
And even though the risks are rare your doctor will still inform you of them and will instruct you on how to best stay aways from them and manage these potential complications if they occur.

The risks of an eye color changing procedure are :

  • Glaucoma.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Burning and itching in the eye.
  • Vision loss.
  • Uveitis (an inflammation of the eye).

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