To achieve physical satisfaction, you must have the perfect body, that means all parts and aspects of your physique and overall looks must be symmetrical and to your satisfaction, even the part of your body that are not visible.

Many women suffer from a lack of confidence because of the way their private parts look, and it can lead them into depression.

However Aram clinic presents vaginoplasty in Turkey to help you regain your confidence and have your vagina looking how you want it.

How much does vaginoplasty in Turkey cost ?

In order for you to have the best experience when having your cosmetic surgery, you must prepare a full plan, that means choosing the best clinic, the best doctors and most importantly the best and most affordable price.

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Our all-inclusive deal allows you to save 70% on the cost of having vaginoplasty in Turkey by covering :

  • The costs of the hotel room.
  • The transportation fees.
  • The doctor's payment.
  • The postoperative medication and care.

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What is vaginoplasty ?

Vaginoplasty is a reconstructive surgery and rejuvenation of the vagina.

The main objective of this surgery is to increase the sensitivity of the vagina and to rejuvenate it as well as the repair of the descent of your private area.

It consists of reducing the internal and external diameter of the vagina and tightening the muscles of the perineum.

With that, the procedure doesn't only enhance the shape and looks of your vagina, but also makes it more sensitive so you can enjoy your sexual life.

When to do a vaginoplasty ?

Vaginoplasty is usually done in cases of organ loss or to rejuvenate the vagina when the patient feels a decrease in sensitivity in the vaginal area.

It is also aimed for women who have had several vaginal deliveries, the vagina expands and the muscles of the perineum relax, which is what causes the descent of the internal organs such as the bladder, rectum and uterus.

How to prepare for vaginoplasty ?

There are some preparations that you need to do with your doctor before undergoing the procedure it self.

The doctor will run some tests on you to see if you are clear to have the operation that means checking for any diseases that can lead to potential complications during the operation.

The doctor will also check your medical history to see what medications are you taking, medication like aspirin or any type of anti-inflammatory medication must be stopped since they cause the blood to thin which then can cause more bleeding during the vaginoplasty operation.

Make sure to eat healthy and quit harmful consumption like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol since they can negatively effect the procedure and the results.

How is vaginoplasty performed ?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery requires preparing a blood test. The test results are then examined by the anesthesiologist to be reassured of the general state of health of the patient. The operation takes place under general anesthesia and requires a two-day hospital stay. The doctor will tighten the orifice of the vagina at the muscular level, this is accomplished by strengthening the tissues of the pelvic floor. After that the surgeon will close the bottom of the vagina and inject fat into the mucous membrane walls of the vagina to narrow the vaginal opening and improve its sensitivity. And with that the vagina is rejuvenated, you will stay on the bed for resting and to be monitored by the medical teal incase you need any assistance.

What happens after vaginoplasty ?

The recovery period of vaginoplasty depends on the type of surgery you have and your body’s response to surgery and healing.
During this time you will need to make some changes and alterations to your life style in order for your body to properly heal and recover.
The most important step is to always keep your genital area clean and dry after the surgery. It is normal to have some vaginal discharge and urine leaking in the first few weeks after surgery, you can also expect some mild swelling, itchiness and pain which the doctor will give you painkillers to manage.
During your healing period you must always review discharge instructions thoroughly and share them with caregivers.
You must also drink plenty of liquids and eat healthy foods to give you energy to heal. During the first month you should avoid lifting heavy object and practising physically demanding sports.
Make sure to keep up with your postoperative appointments with your doctor; these will help the doctor see the progress of the operation and find out if there is any potential complications.

What are the risks of vaginoplasty ?

Vaginoplasty has some potential risks, these complications are mild when they happen and are very rare, but you will need to be well prepared for them.
Your doctor will give you instructions on how to avoid them and well manage them when they happen.

Some of the risks of vaginoplasty are :

  • Pain.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Skin or clitoral necrosis.
  • Swelling.
  • Suture line dehiscence.
  • Itchiness.
  • Urinary retention or vaginal prolapse.
  • Discomfort while having sex.

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