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Hair transplantation is a booming medical tourism sector in Turkey, and every year the number of patients heading there to get beautiful hair is increasing.

The reason why so many people choose to have the procedure in Turkey is that the country is known for having the best doctors and specialists in the whole world, and the procedure it self is highly efficient and has many techniques.

One of the techniques for hair transplantation in Turkey is the DHI transplant technique, which is an abbreviation of Direct Hair Implantation presents an exciting development in the field of hair implantation.

We are pleased to offer this method of hair transplantation in Turkey to our patients who wish to remedy hair loss and regain dense hair.

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What is the DHI hair transplant (CHOI injector pen) ?

The DHI Turkey Hair Transplant technique is the flagship hair transplantation method. It is distinguished by the reimplantation of the hair bulbs without incisions on the recipient area.

When the follicular unit extraction was first implemented as a hair transplant method, graft extraction and implantation were performed using simple hand tools.

The process was later accelerated with the introduction of a machine known as a micromotor, which was used during both the hair graft extraction and reimplantation stages, hence the emergence of the DHI technique.

This mechanical device has allowed surgeons to transplant a greater number of grafts through improved extraction of the hair implant and its direct reimplantation.

However, the micro motor has a number of drawbacks when used for graft implantation.

But now, hair transplant surgeons are making this crucial step even better by opting for a new type of instrument which is the Choi pen.

How does the Choi pen work in DHI transplant ?

The Choi implanter is a pen-shaped instrument with a hollow needle at one end.
The doctor begins by extracting grafts from the donor area, using the hollow end of the needle, they then use the pen to implant the graft which loads it into the scalp.
This process is then repeated for each graft, during a typical transplant, the hair transplant surgeon and their team use approximately 6 pens interchangeably to optimize the time and pace of implantation.

What are the advantages of the DHI transplant technique ?

Using an implanter pen eliminates the need for root canal incisions in the thinning area of the scalp which eliminates a lot of the pain during the procedure.
In the case of the FUE technique, the hair transplant experts would have to create tiny circular incisions on the scalp and plant the follicular units extracted from the donor area inside these channels.
But thanks to DHI hair transplantation, surgeons can now inject grafts directly into the recipient areas, this decreases trauma and blood loss during the transplant.
As a result, by using the Choi implanter pen, our surgeons can now achieve a significantly higher graft survival rate post-transplant.
In addition, less trauma means a shorter healing period for our patients.

What are the results of DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

A DHI hair transplant performed with a Choi implanter pen gives more satisfactory results. The reason for this is that the incisions created using blades from a DHI implanter pen heal faster and leave only a barely visible scar.
the grafts can be positioned with greater precision during implantation meaning that this technique will ensure better aesthetic results.
After a hair transplant with the DHI method, it only takes about two months before the first newly implanted hairs to start growing.
Hair transplant operations are a safe and permanent solution. The satisfaction rate of candidates who have had a DHI Turkey hair transplant with the right surgeon and the right clinic is between 90% and 95%.

What are the disadvantages of the DHI method ?

Even though the technique is modern and with a high number of satisfaction and success, it still has some downsides to it like:

  • The technique can be a bit more expensive than other hair transplantation methods.
  • The plantation process time is longer.
  • If it's done wrong it can lead to a longer healing period or other complications.

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