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As a woman, having a healthy looking figure is one of the main aspects of having a stunning physical appearance, and what can enhance that appearance is the shape of your breasts.

They are after all the part of the body that are related to being feminine, sexy and healthy.

However due to either genetics, a fast weight loss or pregnancy, the breasts can lose their firmness and become saggy and miss-shaped.

When this happens, it can make you appear older or have a bad posture, which can make many women lose confidence in their physical appearance, making them feel depressed.

But Aram Clinic has the best solution to correct sagging breasts with loss of position of the areola and the nipple, we offer you the breast lift operation in Turkey.

If you want to have your beautiful figure back, with the help of the best specialist doctors in the world and with the lowest price, then having the breast lift operation in Turkey at Aram Clinic is the best choice for you.

How much does breast lifting in Turkey cost ?

Many people around the world choose to come to Aram Clinic to have their cosmetic and aesthetic operations.
The trust of all of these people comes from our attention to detail and affordability.
Our highly educated and skilled medical team will work day and night to deliver the best possible results for you; your full satisfaction is our main goal.
But the main thing that makes so many people choose the Aram Clinic is our very affordable prices, we offer the most budget friendly prices for all our cosmetic procedures.
This is because we have our all-inclusive package that allows you to undergo the breast lifting operation in Turkey while having all operation related costs covered.
The all-inclusive package covers :

  • The doctor's fees.
  • The cost of the hotel room.
  • The cost of the postoperative medication.
  • All operation related transportation.

Choosing Aram clinic to have your breast lift operation is the most financially wise decision that you can make, because with us you will be able to save 70% on the price of having your breast lift procedure.

To benefit from it, it's simple, ask for your free estimate

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What is a breast lifting operation ?

Breast lifting or Mastopexy is the name given to this cosmetic breast surgery operation which allows you to lift the chest and reshape the skin of the breasts so as to have a harmonious breast.
This restorative surgery can restore the shape of sagging breasts and straighten them upwards.
The sagginess is usually due to either a rapid loss in weight or after a pregnancy.

Why have a breast lift ?

This procedure's goal is to restore the firm shape of the breast when it becomes saggy, this occurs when the skin supporting the breast stretches and loses firmness, or when there is fat or glandular loss.
The appearance of the breast then becomes flushed upwards and the nipple then moves downwards.
Breast lift candidates are women who have breasts that have lost their elasticity and tone regardless of the size of their breasts.
In case of breast hypertrophy, it is also the weight of the breast that can cause its muscles relaxation, in this case, during a breast reduction, the surgeon will also need to tighten the skin of the breast.

How is a breast lift performed ?

The procedure is done general anesthesia and takes a period of two to three hours to be complete.
On the day of the operation, the surgeon traces with a surgical marker and delimits the area to be treated and the incisions they have discussed with the patient before the operation. First, the doctor puts the nipple and areola back in a higher position, then reshapes and lifts the mammary gland.
After that, the doctor cuts the excess skin and reshapes the remaining skin around the new curve of the repositioned mammary gland and the areola-nipple complex.
Finally, the sutures are closed using absorbable suture.
The location of the scars will depend on the surgical technique used and the amount of skin removed.
To reduce the risk of hematomas, the surgeon can place drains at the end of the procedure; the doctor also puts on a compression bandage which will be removed the next day, when leaving the clinic and replaced by a support bandage or even by a compression bra.

How will my scars be after a breast lift ?

The state and shape of the scars after the operation depend mostly on the technique that you used, but in general the doctor will make sure to hide the scars so that they are not visible.

The round-block scar.

It is a circular scar that results from a circular incision around the areola, it is performed in case of minimal sagginess of the breasts where the surgeon removes the excess skin by making a circular incision around the areola.

A double incision in an inverted T

A round scar around the areola and a vertical one under the areola towards the fold under the breast, these incisions are made in case of a moderate relaxation of the breasts and the degree of opening of the incisions will depend on the importance of the ptosis.
For example, the opening under the nipple can be reduced.

The scar in the form of a sea anchor.

These result from a breast lift with significant sagging of the breasts.
A round incision around the areola with another vertical one between the bottom of the areola and the fold under the breast and a third rounded one made under the breast furrow.
This scar is camouflaged very well by the bra and by the breast itself.

What happens after a breast lift ?

The aftermath of the breast lift is not very painful, however you might feel a slight discomfort that is easily reduced using painkillers that the doctor will prescribe for you.
It is also possible to notice bruising and edema and some redness, these will fade away in about a week or two.
A rest period of one week is essential because, during the first postoperative week, it can be hard to lift your arms and do basic housework which is why it is recommended to have someone who can help you with household chores.
You must also take some time off work as you will need the rest and stay away from sports and lifting heavy objects.
It is recommended to wear a support bra night and day throughout the first month. You must keep up with your postoperative appointments with your doctor so that they can observer your healing process and see the development of the results.

What are the results of a breast lift and when will they appear ?

The result of the breast lift can be seen as soon as the bruises, and edema disappears.
The results are you having a firm and lifted breasts that will better enhance your overall physical appearance and make you look younger, healthier and have a more symmetrical figure.
The final results of the breast lift operation will appear after a year, in which your breasts will appear naturally firm.

What are the risks of the breast lift operation ?

The breast lift operation is one of the best solutions to regain your natural beauty back, the appearance that your breasts will gain after the operation is so natural and healthy looking.
But even though the operation is very efficient, it still carries with it some potential complications and risks that can effect you.
These risks are very rare, and they are not very harmful, but to have a better understanding of the operation you will need to know them.
Your doctor will discuss these potential complications with you when you meet with them, aside from explaining them to you the doctor will also give you instructions on how to best avoid these risks and have a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy your new body.
The risks of the breast lift operation are :

  • Infection in the operation site.
  • Soreness.
  • Swelling.
  • Bruising.
  • Potential permanent scars.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Bleeding.

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